Kudumulu or Pidi Kozhukattai(South Indian Traditional Sweet Recipe)


  • 1 cup rice flour
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup grated jaggery
  • 1/4 cup coconut grating or coconut pieces
  • 1 tbsp elaichi powder
  • 1 tsp ghee


  • First,melt the grated jaggery with 1 cup of water and strain to remove if any dirt in the jaggery.
  • Now mix the rice flour slowly by adding jaggery water little by little to this. Make it like a chapathi dough.
  • Apply some ghee in your palm.
  • Make a small lemon size balls and keep aside.
  • For pidi kudumulu take a small lemon size dough and make a ball and keep it your palm just press it by your fingers.
  • Take the idli stand and rub the moulds with a drop of ghee.
  • Place the balls and pidi kudumulu in the moulds .
  • Steam these kudumulu in idly cooker for 8 to 10 mins.
  • Allow to cool for sometime. Then remove the kudumulu from idly cooker.
  • Now vinayaka chavithi prasadam, kudumulu is ready to offer God.